About Us

Who we are

We are Campdavid We are a charitable organisation helping to build a better family in the society by alleviating the suffering of less privileged people and destitutes in the society. We are also involved with social engagement, training and acquisition of skills for a better life and society.

Please join in-kind donations, partnerships or volunteering with us, this will help us to achieve the goals of a better family for a better society

We dedicate our time, knowledge and funding to support the girl child through educational scholarship, social engagement and skills acquisitions in order to build a safer, fairer world for women, children and the vulnerables where cycles of limitations and adversity across generations are broken and positive change is sustained.

We serve peoples

👉 Donate to a good cause

👉 Give someone food to eat

👉 Serve someone in need.

👉 Open a door for someone.

👉 Offer a helping hand to someone.

👉 Give to a homeless person.

👉 Be a bridge builder

👉 Teach someone a skill

👉 Tell someone that life is better

👉 Reach out to someone in need

They need your help

In the heart of our community lie individuals and families grappling with the harsh realities of life, their struggles often hidden behind closed doors.

Today, we reach out to you with an urgent appeal, as their plight calls for our collective empathy and support.

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